That 70s Roller Disco: Let’s talk Costumes and Karaoke!

Have you ever wanted to wear any of the following or combinations of them all at once; bright colours, high waisted, sequin, shiny, pant suits, flares, crazy patterns, feathers and of course roller skates! Well that’s what you have in store for you at ‘That 70s RollerDisco!” on the 25th of this Month (July). We are certainly excited about this.

Ticket available now, click here for more details! 

And don’t forget to have your favourite 70’s tunes ready for karaoke! I’ll be the one singing ‘I Will Survive’! Here is a pre disco playlist to get ready to:


Here is some inspiration we found on with some short web searches:

70s Disco 1 70s Disco 2 70s Disco 3 70s Disco 4 70s Disco 5

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Roll-Line Plates … Why we love them!

The new Roll-line Derby plates hitting our store next week we would like to explain why it is we love this brand.

Roll-line are an Italian company that produces only the highest quality plates and wheels for use. They started out producing quad frames for Artistic Skating, before branching into Quad Hockey and now Roller Derby. Roll-line put a lot of research into product design and their plates have stood the test of time, this is why we trust them. Recently, we have seen a huge shift towards this brand because of its reliability, quality and technology.

When we’re helping people select their plates for Roller Derby we consider:

  1. Production quality.
  2. The quality and hardness of the cushions .
  3. Toe Stop threading and availability.
  4. The angle of the trucks.
  5. Weight v. Durability.
  6. Cost.

That being said Roll-line would be our first choice for quality long lasting plates for Artistic, Roller Derby, Roller Hockey and Regular RollerFit Skaters.

Roll-line plates currently used by Derby Skaters: Varient M, Mistral, Dance, Energy, DB12.


Plates in the new Roller Derby range:


The newest addition to the Roll-Line family & brand new for DERBY Skaters!!
Similar to the Variant but with the all new black look, higher quality cushions and steel axels.
Sizes: 130 – 190
Elastomer suspensions
Amber Toestops
Steel trucks and axles
With standard wrenches set included

Cost: $220


Killer steel: 

light frame made of special aluminium alloy and trucks with steel axles
Click action adjustment system
Elastomer suspensions
Toe stops: Amber super professional
Professional wrenches kit included

A great mix of the top level Artistic Plates the Matrix & DB12 creates this years most amazing NEW Derby Plates!! Be the first one to get them & order now. The plates have been engineered to make all of your skating dreams come true with each turn, each step & each jump easier than before! Choose from Black or Silver.
15 Degree Trucks

Cost > $550










Killer Titanium:  

Ultra light frame made of Aluminium Alloy and Titanium components and is completely CNC machined
Click action adjustment system
Elastomer suspensions
Toe stops: Amber super professional
Professional wrenches kit included

A great mix of the top level Artistic Plates the Matrix & DB12 creates this years most amazing NEW Derby Plates!! Be the first one to get them & order now! The plates have been engineered to make all of your skating dreams come true with each turn, each step & each jump easier than before! Choose from Black or Silver!!

15 Degree Trucks

Cost > $850










Check out the plates on our web store here:



While picking the perfect plate for you is essential, getting them mounted correctly is just as important for your skating and safety, having them mounted even a few millimetres off can make a difference. All our Roll-line set ups are mounted from Les at Digi Rink in Brisbane who has been mounting skates since 1976. Les is one of the best!



If you’re looking at getting a new plate or just want more info in making the best decision for your skating needs,  dont hesitate to contact us for further information. or

Happy Skating!


BCN Roller Dance International Exhibition

19- September– 10 October

10262130_374693899348283_3196444611732635487_nIf you love any type of skating and are in Barcelona get down to this FREE skating exhibition as this one not to miss.

Michelle Barrios founder and owner of BCN Roller Dance vision was create a space for roller skating and art for the opening of BCN Roller Dance International Meet up, and she did not disappoint.

7 pair of custom painted skates by Artists from all around the world, including our very own CRISIS in Sydney as well as Art works, video,  Prints, and a demonstration of skate dance,  this exhibition will have you feeling the culture and community of roller and inline skating in Europe and world wide, and will leave you inspired.

The opening night saw around 150 skaters on skates, yes on skates, from around the world, coming together for all things skating. It was a one-of-a-kind event, which I we every minute of, from skating to the event  (on the local bike paths) to the people we met, the smiles on many faces, to seeing creative and skating coming together in a great space.

You can grab some lunch or dinner at this venue and while you wonder through the amazing skating world in on of my favourite cities in the world Barcelona.

For the love of Roller skating – Don’t miss out! And thank you BCN and Michelle for creating such a wonderful exhibition.


Wheels Roller Skating Club at RollerDisco

10376142_10152840104944746_6432119464449891668_nWho are “Wheels” I hear you ask? Well, they are a Sydney based artistic roller skating club. In July this year four of their members will be travelling to Brisbane to compete in the National Artistic Skating Championships in both quad and inline events. This skating club is close to our hearts being the home of 3 of our instructors (Stacey, Issy and Annie, all 3 will be competing at nationals this year).

These three girls are some of my skating idols and continue to spread the knowledge to all of our RollerFit skaters. In order to help cover the cost of travel, accommodation and entry fees into the competition and most importantly the sparkly leotards. They will be running a raffle (including a custom pair of skates, painted by CRISIS), the cloak room, karaoke and a bake stall at our up and coming Rockin’ RollerDisco. So come along and help get them to nationals, there also will be a performance on the night by the girls.

Amy signing off now, I’m going to go rewatch our amazing instructor Issy skating in the New Navy video clip here:

Have you planned your costume yet?

Who doesn’t love the fashion of the 50’s. What’s not to love about it? There is the sexy pin up kitten look, the flattering A-line swing skirts, the leather jackets, skinny jeans and the great hair styles.

Some of the biggest style icons of our time came out of the 50’s delivering timeless looks that you can see recreated everyday.

Here are some that we like:

James Dean  in Rebel without a Cause

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn_monroe_white_dress_bloAnd lets not forget the film Grease (cheerleaders, t-birds, pink ladies and nerds!)


Winter Events, If only they weren’t so cold!


Whats the best way to warm up this winter? Having a little roller skate of course! As the weather gets colder and the thought of trudging out in the cold for a good night out has you retreating to another one of those movie nights in, RollerDisco is the perfect compromise!

So come to the place where leg warmers are never out of fashion and head out on a rockin’ rollin’ night of fun! And don’t worry about being cold on your way, rug up, we have a clock room* for you to store any extra coats and bags once you arrive!

Even the lovely people at Time Out Sydney think it’s a good idea to come along, selecting us as one of the critics choice events on their website. What better way to keep warm this winter than skating all night long. Alternatively if you are not so comfortable with the thought of roller skates and would prefer to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and maybe some sneaky Karaoke, Hula Hooping or Dancing, we cater for you as well at out pop-up rink!

Are you interested in bringing a large group to RollerDisco or having it as a location for your birthday party or hens night? If so email us at and we can discuss a few options with you!

Ticket Prices:
General Admission – $10 + bf **
Skating BYO Skates – $25 + bf **
Skating with Skate Hire – $30 + bf**

*small fee applies
**higher booking fees apply at the door

You can buy tickets and register for the event HERE. 

For learn to skate classes we recommend checking out our sister business: