Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.     How will the night work?

To make the RollerDisco a safe place for everyone to enjoy we will not be allowing skating outside of the roller skating arena, and no drinks allowed in the Skating areas. If you are hiring skates, after you have finished skating you will need to take your skates back to the skate hire counter. If you would like to skate again, you then return to the counter to pick up a pair of skates to skate again. This not only keeps our event safe, but also gives everyone a chance to skate. If you are too intoxicated you will be refused entry to the skate arena or venue and tickets will not be refunded.

2.     Is there an Age Restriction for this event?

Yes, This is a licensed event, so you must be over 18 years of age to attend. If you are too intoxicated you will be refused entry to the skate arena or venue and tickets will not be refunded.

3.     I haven’t been emailed my ticket; will my name be at the door?

If you haven’t received your ticket, bring along your pay pal receipt and your name will be marked off in the pre-purchased ticket line.

4.     Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, this time around South Side Derby Dolls will be running this as a fundraiser to travel to a tournament later this year.

5.     Can I bring my own skates?

Yes, purchase the option to BYO skates.

6.     Do you take eftpos?

Unfortunately not, we will be operating only in cash.

7.     Do you have protective gear?

A limited qty will be available, first in first serve and will be a gold coin donation.

8.     Can I drink and Skate at the same time?

No you will not be allowed drinks in the skating arena and skates are not allowed outside the arena. However you’re welcome to drink in the bar and beer garden and after you finish your drink you can then go into the skating area.

9.     Can I go to the bar with my skates on?

Skating is not allowed outside the arena. Hire skates will need to be taken back to skate hire before you leave the skating arena.

10.   Can my non-skating friends be in the skating arena?

No your non skating friends will not be allowed into the arena, they will however be able to see you skating from outside the arena.

11.   Is there a dance floor?

We encourage you to start a dance party anywhere.

12.   Is this for students only?


13.   Is there a student discount?

Yes, but only on pre-purchased tickets, please see roundhouse website for details.

14.   Will tickets be available at the door?

Yes, (unless sold out prior) there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door. Pre-purchase them online to avoid missing out.

15.   Will I need to sign a waver?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver upon entry to be able to skate.

Download The Waiver Here

16.   Is there an ATM?

Yes, there is an ATM on campus

17.   Is there parking?


18.   If I buy a non-skating ticket and decide later in the night that I want to skate, can I?

Yes, if you go see the lovely door ladies and pay the difference you will be allowed to skate. (unless skate hire tickets are sold out prior)

19.   Can my non-skating friends come?

Yes, we have plenty of off skate entertainment.

20.   I have large/small feet what skate sizes will you have?

Ladies 4 to Men’s 13, skates are rented over and over throughout the night so please take them back to skate hire between using them, there is not limit to the amount of times that you hire out skates.

21.   Do I need to know how to skate to attend?

No, we will have two lovely experienced ladies on the floor to assist any new skaters. However we suggest you come to our RollerFit class to have a practice before the event.

22.   Will there be food?

Yes, the roundhouse will be operating their kitchen for the night.

23.   Is this a Roller Derby event?

No, however there will be a fundraiser running for one of the local Sydney leagues (S2D2) that we sponsor.

24.   Does it cost to sing Karaoke?

No, however volunteers are running it from South Side Derby Dolls, so gold coin donations to them would be appreciated.