Have you planned your costume yet?

Who doesn’t love the fashion of the 50’s. What’s not to love about it? There is the sexy pin up kitten look, the flattering A-line swing skirts, the leather jackets, skinny jeans and the great hair styles.

Some of the biggest style icons of our time came out of the 50’s delivering timeless looks that you can see recreated everyday.

Here are some that we like:

James Dean  in Rebel without a Cause

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn_monroe_white_dress_bloAnd lets not forget the film Grease (cheerleaders, t-birds, pink ladies and nerds!)


Rock Around the Clock RollerDisco!

unnamedWant to strap on some skates, twist to Chubby Checker, Rock to Elvis or Roll to Chuck Berry? Then this is the event for you! Get on down to the local soda fountain popping up at the UNSW roundhouse, because for one night only we are bringing a night of Rock’n Roller Skating Fun to the Rollerdisco this June!

Rollergirl Promotions are happy to announce that RollerDisco is back and we want to bring all the things we love about the 50’s! High school dances, soda shops, poodle skirts, rock’n’roll and drive-in movies, right to our pop-up roller rink… but the chaperones aren’t invited (18+ only), so don’t miss out!

If you don’t have your own skates, but still want to show your grease lightning moves? You can hire skates on the night for only $5 extra! Or if skating isn’t your thing but you still want to come we have plenty for everyone, offering a dance floor, hula hooping, bar, a place to chill with friends and also a karaoke stage for you to re-enact your favorite episode of ‘American Band Stand’!


Want to re-live the fun of Roller Disco?


 Photos from RollerDisco are already up! Check them out on Facebook!

So we don’t know how you feel about RollerDisco but we has an amazing night, thank you, to everyone that came and joined in the hippy revolution, if only for one night.

Everyone absolutely killed it at limbo and we have the photo evidence to prove it! Not only that, but there was a crazy hula hoop party going on just off the skate arena, extra thanks to Phoebe Linguini for getting this started. If your interested in doing some hooping classes check out Phoebe’s website here.

We would like to shout out to South Side Derby Dolls for all the extra help on the night and thank everyone who brought raffle tickets, if you didn’t know what is was for, you helped get in their fundraising efforts to get to nationals in Adelaide. And of course where would we have been without the amazing tunes, that Andrew P Street blasted throughout the venue, topping off the atmosphere for the night!

If your already missing being on skates come see us at RollerFit and pick us some bad ass skills for the next RollerDisco. Yes, that’s right, I said NEXT. We will definitely be bring another edition of RollerDisco to you in 2014. Keep your eyes peeled to find out the details as soon as the come out.

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