That 70s Roller Disco: Let’s talk Costumes and Karaoke!

Have you ever wanted to wear any of the following or combinations of them all at once; bright colours, high waisted, sequin, shiny, pant suits, flares, crazy patterns, feathers and of course roller skates! Well that’s what you have in store for you at ‘That 70s RollerDisco!” on the 25th of this Month (July). We are certainly excited about this.

Ticket available now, click here for more details! 

And don’t forget to have your favourite 70’s tunes ready for karaoke! I’ll be the one singing ‘I Will Survive’! Here is a pre disco playlist to get ready to:


Here is some inspiration we found on with some short web searches:

70s Disco 1 70s Disco 2 70s Disco 3 70s Disco 4 70s Disco 5

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